Monday, August 20, 2018

my 127 yard sale 2018 purchase

 I spent all of 2.00. Lets look in the bag!
 Lots of yo yo possibilities in the bag. I love scraps!!!!
Homer's watermelon bounty. He had the truck bed full twice.  I can't have watermelon on Keto! Oh well 17 pounds down  in 5 weeks:)


  1. Your $2.00 will bring you many hours of happiness! Great purchase.

    Wow, thats a lot of watermelon. Looks yummy too.

    A super congratulations on the 17 pounds down!

  2. WOW! - that's a pretty good haul for $2 - and those watermelons look yummy! Congratulations on losing 17 pounds - good for you! - ;))

  3. wonderful 2.00 purchase! I have been on low carb since may and have lost 18 lbs but I have cheated a bit here and there but I exercise everyday.I would like to lose 10 more but we shall see, I do feel better and sleep better. you lost yours very quickly congratulations

  4. That is a great find....nothing like it. Love love Watermelon!!

  5. If that multicolor cat fabric is a Laurel Burch print and a fat quarter - that would cost $2 by itself. Great find.

  6. You got a great find at the sale. Congrats on your weight loss too!
    xx, Carol

  7. SCORE!!!! and I love watermelon....I can eat a whole one all day long and that is it....