Friday, January 12, 2018

I'm still alive

uhhh Why do they always want to weigh you when you go to the Dr. to get your labs drawed? I know the answer I just thought I'd get your attention right off . Blood pressure a little high. Labs were fine kidney function perfect. Then here it comes ...lets see what ya weigh!

Can I just say Holy Guacamole. I mean I know I'm grieving my aunt still and then Christmas and all that goes with that but wow. No wonder my blood pressure was up:( So again I will start trying to lose the same weight that likes me so much it just don't want to let me go.
 Well I did quit smoking about 3 years ago. I knew then that the weight was going to be a problem. I was so right!
Not much thrifting going on but I did find this 6 cup Nordic-ware pan for one dollar. Now I need another one to make recipes turn out right. I know just what I needed another cake pan. lol


  1. Looks like it was another happy thrifting day. Love that great pan. It can be used for a great jello mold too maybe? Its always hard to go to the doctors and have to be weighed in. Take care. Hopefully the weather isn't dreadful where you are.

  2. Oh geez. Weight. I want to lose it, but don't want to exercise. Don't want to cut back on the coffee creamer. I have resolved not to snack, but I'm sure that won't have much effect. What are you making that calls for two of these pans? I love Bundt pan cakes. Ok, I love MOST cakes. LOL
    xx, Carol

  3. I know what you mean . My weight hasn't changed much in a couple of years. But the Dr still reminds me that I need to lose a few pounds. (Did I mention that he is a bit rotund? Pot/Kettle(

  4. I have lost 14 lbs in the past 6 months 4 of them found me over the holidays so I am again trying to lose them. but I could stand to lose another 10 after that. I do love a bundt cake I don't have a nice pan so I don't make them usually.

  5. Hey Jennifer! On being weighed! At Thanksgiving I started gaining back the eight pounds that I had worked so hard to lose. It's like, okay, time to make up for all that food I missed, so by Christmas the eight pounds were back; that miserable roll of fat around my middle!! Anyhow, thank you for looking at my blog. That Swedish weaving is beautiful. It takes two yards of Monks Cloth and 4 skeins of yarn. If you go back one more of my post, I showed mama's hand-written instructions. If only I had sense enough to follow them!

  6. Hi Jennifer, I am so excited to meet you and to have a new follower. I am also following your blog now. I also have a weight problem, it sure is easier to gain than to loose . . . I don't see that as being fair and all.
    I love the post before this one. I have never seen yo-yos made into a curtain, but I love the idea! That's one of the joys of blogging, you get so many wonderful and creative ideas in blog-land. Thanks for sharing and thanks for following, I am looking forward to becoming great blogging friends.
    Have a sweet week.
    Connie :)

  7. Haha - They weigh me too - but I ignore them. My weight is just another number - like my age - and they both keep going up. I'm more interested in what I can make with the scraps that seem to multiply when I'm not looking - ;))

  8. The older I get the harder it gets to lose. I have lost 30 lbs. It has taken me two years. And was 5 lbs. From my goal the week before Christmas. New Years I had gained5 lbs. My bad. So like most everyone else I'm back Saturday it. You can do it. I'll be watching.

  9. I hate going to the Dr. for that very reason....hope you can get the blood pressure down...sorry about your aunt...

  10. I always say, Wow, that's a lot of weight, "More to Love!"

    I belong to a weight loss group called TOPS... google it, it is like weight watchers but much cheaper. It is fun, especially since we go out to dinner after the meetings lol
    big hugs!