Wednesday, January 17, 2018

chicken scratched

I did the center double cross stitch the same color as rest of the heart. Three days to make one 9" block 11 more to go. My jury is still out on this. The stamped fabric is very thin. What do youns think?

Friday, January 12, 2018

I'm still alive

uhhh Why do they always want to weigh you when you go to the Dr. to get your labs drawed? I know the answer I just thought I'd get your attention right off . Blood pressure a little high. Labs were fine kidney function perfect. Then here it comes ...lets see what ya weigh!

Can I just say Holy Guacamole. I mean I know I'm grieving my aunt still and then Christmas and all that goes with that but wow. No wonder my blood pressure was up:( So again I will start trying to lose the same weight that likes me so much it just don't want to let me go.
 Well I did quit smoking about 3 years ago. I knew then that the weight was going to be a problem. I was so right!
Not much thrifting going on but I did find this 6 cup Nordic-ware pan for one dollar. Now I need another one to make recipes turn out right. I know just what I needed another cake pan. lol