Thursday, December 7, 2017

battery operated lights

This is as close to a Christmas tree as I'm getting this year. I do have light in a hemlock in the yard. Some friends sent this arrangement to me when I lost my aunt. I got the light at Dollar General. I'm always late to new things. It takes three AA batteries to make them work.
The arrangement is sitting on top of my work in progress yo yo coverlet.  When I get tired of working on it, it becomes a table cover. One day it will be a coverlet for my king size bed. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Meet Janie

150 little yo yo's. I usually put on my little tree but this year they reside in my light fixture. I used the green yo yo maker for these. Very good scrap buster.
Let me introduce you to Janie. My Aunt Lynda found her in an antique mall marked down 75% off. Her yo yo's were made of all kinds of fabric. She has no support so I had to prop her up.