Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Hot tea on a cold day

I know I'm supposed to be drinking hot chocolate but... I have been playing around with some tea. I love this one called Bengal Spice. I'm also liking this Peppermint too. Not really feeling the green or black teas.  Suggestions?
My clock pot was a bargain I found last week at a local thrift spot for 5 bucks. The pendulum is a watering can and it works! 

Monday, October 22, 2018

Never doubt my words!

Once I said I like to hangout with sewers because they are the  coolest people ever. I don't really sew enough to be in the club but they still  allow me to hang out with them. To prove my point check out this glorious bounty that I received today in the mail.
We have flannel and lots of fat quarters some scraps and oh wait for it... oh yes, that's a new camera. My Dear friend over at alefthandedquilter sent me all this because she knew I was having camera troubles.